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The basis to enter the Chinese market via the Internet is a good and performing website. Website design for Chinese markets and in Chinese language needs to pay attention to some cultural aspects to create a successful and appealing website.

Unfortunately, adapting a website to local and cultural habits -also called website localization- is rather an exception than usual. Instead, to get a quick solution and to save costs, many Western websites are simply translated into Chinese but the website design hasn’t been changed or adapted to Chinese online habits.

Most often this results in a sub-optimal website which looks both strange for Western and Chinese eyes and is pretty unattractive for Chinese users.

What has to be considered to build a successful website for China?

  1. The understanding of user behaviour and consumer interests of Chinese netizens.
  2. Good interaction of Chinese text and website design to achieve a convincing overall result.
  3. Integration of web marketing activities like SEO web design, keyword advertising and other online marketing measures.
  4. Usability and conversion rate optimization

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