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China SEO: Chinese Search Engine Optimization, China SEO Consulting

Search Engine Optimization or China SEO is a service we offer to improve the ranking of your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs) of Chinese search engines. Established for long in Western markets to attract customers, Chinese search engine optimization becomes more and more important. SEO in China is different due to language differences and search engine market shares and therefore requires specialists who are familiar with Chinese SEO conditions.

We have long-lasting experience in Chinese search engine optimization and China SEO. In many Chinese SEO projects we accumulated knowledge about how search engine optimization in China works. Take a look at some of our recent Chinese SEO projects here.

But why is SEO in China so important?

Search engines are definitely the no. 1 entry channel when it comes to find products or services on the Internet. Not only in Western countries anymore, also in China SEO plays a growing role. Search engines have some really rocking advantages which make an online marketing investment in SEO China very effective. One reason to mention is the lack of stray losses as Internet users search for products and a desire doesn’t have to be activated. Another reason is the relevance between the search query that a user enters into the search engine and the result page. The higher the relevance the better the conversion and user experience. Of course

Search engine optimization China (short form is SEO China) is a technique to bring your websites to a higher position in the natural search results of the search engines. Based on year-long experience and several successful projects we understand how search engines work and how to optimize a website for better results.

Chinese search engine optimization campaigns are a long-term process and require continuous monitoring, adaptation and optimization. Besides setting up your account at Baidu, Google and Yahoo we are especially strong at continuously improving the ROI of SEO campaigns. For this we use sophisticated tracking and campaign management software.

Our SEO services in detail:

  • keyword research and optimization (long tail)
  • SEO Copywriting in Chinese, German and English
  • Grow the reputation of your website and make it an expert site
  • Constant optimization (keyword positions and density)
  • Blog and forum setup
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