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PPC / SEM China: Search engine marketing and China keyword advertising, PPC China

A keyword advertising (also called SEM, search engine marketing, PPC, pay-per-click or paid search) campaign is the quick way to get on page one in the Chinese search engines. All major search engines in China offer the advertising channel PPC / SEM – although there are some differences between Baidu, Google and Yahoo. The idea behind Chinese keyword advertising is to make bids for selected keywords which are related to your product, service, industry or company. For these keywords your text ad will be shown in the search engine result page according to the click price (CPC) you are willing to pay.

Although the procedure looks pretty easy at the first glimpse, the detailed campaign management is essential for a well-performing search engine marketing campaign. Detailed campaign management includes continuous tracking, monitoring and optimization of the campaigns.

But why is a PPC in China so important?

In China, Baidu is the local search engine and has the biggest market share. They can claim 60% and more with Google being second with roughly 20%. But Baidu’s pay-per-click campaigns and search engine result pages (SERPs) work a little different: All keyword advertising placements will be listed before the index search results. So, professional keyword advertising is a must to be listed in Baidu.

That’s why the selection of a local SEM agency who understands the market and the Chinese search engines is absolutely mandatory for a successful PPC campaign in China.

To ensure high quality of our managed Chinese keyword advertising campaigns we use sophisticated tracking and campaign management software. Besides we are experienced in handling large budgets based on conversions and achieving sales targets.

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Glossary terms:

SEM: Short form of China search engine marketing. Synonym for pay-per-click (PPC), keyword advertising or paid search. The meaning is to buy a position in the search engine result pages by bidding for click prices.

ROI: Short form of return-on-investment and a key figure to measure marketing expenses. Let’s you know if a search engine campaign was successful and to which degree.

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