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Online habits: China vs US

Here comes a follow-up to one of my previous posts about Chinese online behavior. JWT conducted a study called ‘Young digital mavens’ among young Internet users aged 16 to 25. The results are summarized here, a more extensive post can be found here.

Once again the results are just amazing how heavily the Chinese users are adopted to the Internet and how intensively they use it. Advertisers in China should really have an eye on these studies as they contain very important information. And they should also raise some questions how to allocate marketing budgets, how much weight put on e.g. TV spots, how much attention on online marketing.

Embracing life online

  • I live some of my life online: CN 86%, US 42%
  • Online is as real as offline: CN 37%, US 16%
  • I have a parallel life online: CN 61%, US 13%

Self-expression on the web

  • I have expressed personal opinions and/or written about myself online: CN 72%, US 56%
  • Online I feel free to do and say things I wouldn’t do or say offline: CN 73%, US 32%
  • I sometimes express myself more strongly online than I generally do in person: CN 52%, US 43%

Relationships online

  • It’s perfectly possible to have real relationships online with no face-to-face contact: CN 63%, US 21%
  • The Internet helps me make friends: CN 77%, US 30%
  • Online interactions reduce the time and attention I have for personal interactions: CN 51%, US 20%

Expanding the sexual universe

  • With the Internet I am more likely to access adult material: CN 65%, US 28%
  • I have made hot dates using text messages: CN 54%, US 20%
  • The Internet has broadened my sex life: CN 32%, US 11%

Compare this information to my post about Online Marketing Trends in China.

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4 Responses

  1. Bill

    Sounds like the US kids have other distractions.

    It is important to know what they are doing. But it is more important to know what they are not doing because of lack of opportunities. And also, if the opportunities are available, how they will react to them.

  2. China website design

    This is not suprising at all given the population density and cultural background. In China the only way to access non biased content is through the internet. Social circles in real life are very closed and it is hard to get out there and meet new people. Also many city people work long hours and their lives revolve around work… the internet is the medium of choice for many Chinese people

  3. Hoo

    great,i m a media planner,your writing will be great helpful for me.

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