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Infographic: Asia Search Engine Market Shares 2012/2013

It was about time to create no. 3 of our Asian search engine market share series (no.1, no.2) . Most of the data is from late Q4 2012 and as such also valid for the beginning of 2013. We analyzed various sources and came up with a nice infographic (see below) which covers China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India with a total Internet population of almost 1 billion people. The table with details is at the bottom of this page.

Is there a search equator in Asia?

The idea behind this research was actually to discover the Google equator in  Asia and visualize it on a map. Well, see for yourself if there is one.

Besides this playful approach, there are sturdy reasons for looking at the search market pie in Asia once again:

  • Alibaba just launched its own search engine Aliyun to take on Baidu and its contenders
  • During Chinese New Year 2013 TV commercials in China for luxury products were prohibited by the government which led to assumptions that more budget will flow into digital and Baidu will be a major profiteer of it
  • With Qihoo a new player evolved in China and took a market share of 10% being the runner up in China behind Baidu

This time we jumped on the infographic trend train to visually display our aggregated results. Infographics are a great way to visualize large amounts of data, clearer and more entertaining than just bone-bare tables. And the target to discover the search equator in Asia – an imaginary line separating countries with Google as the search engine market leader from markets where local search engines captured the market leadership –added lot’s of fun too.

search engine market shares in Asia 2012/2013


Feel free to share the infographic, however please add a link and/or mention us as appreciation for our work. It took quite a while to get all that stuff together. Thanks.

And here’s the raw data in table format:

Country Total
Internet users
Google % Google Total
Baidu % Baidu Total
Yahoo % Yahoo Total
Naver % Naver Total
China 513,000,000 73% 374,490,000
Hong Kong 5,000,000 65% 3,250,000 33% 1,650,000
Taiwan 17,000,000 34% 5,780,000 65% 11,050,000
South Korea 40,400,000 10% 4,040,000 66% 26,664,000
Japan 101,300,000 76% 76,988,000 22% 22,286,000
Vietnam 33,000,000 95% 31,350,000
Philippines 33,600,000 82% 27,552,000 16% 5,376,000
Indonesia 55,000,000 96% 52,800,000
Singapore 3,700,000 88% 3,256,000 8% 296,000
Malaysia 17,700,000 91% 16,107,000
Thailand 24,000,000 99% 23,760,000
India 121,000,000 97% 117,370,000
Total user 964,700,000 362,253,000 374,490,000 40,658,000 26,664,000
Total percentage 38% 39% 4% 3%


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  3. Hi stefan, thanks a lot for sharing this updates. Also your efforts to bring in this data infront of the audience is commendable. Please continue sharing and helping reader’s like us with this statistics, which isn’t that easy to find and jot together. Yes, the Boss is Blogging great!

  4. Hi Stefan. I would like to ask if Youtube is included for Google’s 82% percent in the Philippines.

  5. Hello Stefan,

    This is a very nice infograph. I have been thinking about writing a post about the search engine market share in China. If you don’t mind I would love to use this infograph in my post (I will give you credit of course). Actually, just added 3digitalminds in a post about ad agencies. Keep up the good work.


  6. Fatai Yahaya

    Good for starters like us that are looking beyond Google search and Alibaba. I hope it will be absolutely beneficial. Thanks

  7. Pratap

    We want agency for mobile in India

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