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Alimama: Chinese Ad Exchange

Under the name of Alimama, Alibaba started the first ad exchange platform in China.

“No longer will 80% of China’s website traffic go unmonetized”, said Jin Jianhang, an Alibaba Group spokesperson. “The launch of Alimama makes web publishing commercially viable for China’s more than one million small- and medium-sized web sites. At the same time, advertisers now have an affordable way to reach targeted audience groups on the growing number of specialized websites and blogs in China.”

Publishers and webmaster who want to display ads on their websites have to register for an account at Alimama.com. Registration includes a description of the advertising inventory for sale and the respective pricing model for the offered inventory. Pricing models can be page view, CPC or action based.

Advertisers can now review, select and book the available webspaces.

The exchange itself will take an eight percent commission from ad sales. It has reportedly signed 150,000 web publishers and 135,000 personal blogs since its beta release in August.

Some more numbers:

  • more than one million registered users
  • more than a billion page views a day
  • inventory of more than 380,000 websites
  • 4,000 new websites an 10,000 new blogs every day
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