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Market Entry in Taiwan

3digitalminds is your partner for market entry strategies and execution in Taiwan. We are your one-stop-shop for getting the go-to-market strategy right, consult on distribution topic (offline and online), do the e-commerce, promote your product or brand and execute all marketing activities. Contact us now
Taiwan market entry

Entering a new market comes with lots of challenges, we regularly hear the question “How to enter the Taiwan market?” from overseas entrepreneurs who want to establish a foothold in Taiwan.

A big help is a local partner who understands the market and has the necessary resources on hand to deliver the results you want.

Based on our extensive experience throughout the most diverse industries like retail, food, skincare, travel, consumer electronics, education, finance, automotive and a network which reaches into necessary areas like legal, distributor chains, investors, etc. we are able to consult, assist and execute your market entry in Taiwan.

Our packages for your successful market entry into Taiwan:


We do market research, competitor research, legal situation, tariffs and customs, SWOT analysis for you. If you are located outside of Taiwan and do not have access to Chinese language speakers gathering the correct information will be difficult. There is not enough information available on the Internet to make solid business decisions. You need a local partner who can dig into the necessary resources only available in Chinese.


Finding the right distribution partners is critical. They will be the one that push your product into the market. We help you to identify possible distribution channels and partners in Taiwan and assist with communication, best practices, insights, distribution strategy, product licensing, etc.


E-Commerce is in the meantime a serious option for a market entry. Especially in Taiwan the e-commerce landscape has developed rapidly over the couple of last years and online sales already surpass department store sales, convenient store sales and supermarket sales volumes. In 2012 the expected e-commerce sales volume will be more than 4 billion New Taiwan Dollars.

However, doing e-commerce is different than in Western countries. Whereas targeted keyword advertising is a way to grow your business in the West, in Taiwan the user behavior is different. Yahoo is the dominant player in the market and getting your e-commerce strategy right on this channel will heavily influence your market entry success.


Promoting your product needs understanding of the culture and the behavior of the local consumers, what works and what doesn’t work. Are the visuals right or not? At the end of the day you want to get the best ROI out of your marketing investment. We focus very much on measurable and conversion driven marketing, especially online marketing. Do you want to create brand awareness or are you purely conversion-driven? Talk to us.

Besides designing the marketing strategy we also execute marketing activities and produce digital content as necessary.

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