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Some of the most common market entry strategies are: directly exporting products, indirect exporting using a middleman, partnerships and producing products in the target market.

Direct exports

Direct exports are when you market, sell and deliver your products directly to the client. In the case of services, you negotiate, contract and work directly with the client. By avoiding a middleman, you get a higher return on your investment, set lower prices and become more competitive. Furthermore, you have a direct relationship with your customers.

Indirect exports

You could choose to export indirectly through an intermediary, such as a trading house, an agent, a representative or foreign distributor. Depending on the arrangement, they can do some of the leg work for you, but at a cost. For many new exporters, an intermediary may be the best way to enter a market.

Partnerships and alliances

Choosing to form an alliance or partnership with a domestic or foreign company is another way to enter a foreign market. Partnering with a foreign company can provide the expertise, technology, capital or market access that you might not be able to afford on your own.

Market entry in Taiwan

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