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Link Building is one of the most important factors of search engine optimization. Links are regarded as recommendations by the search engines. The better the ranking (page rank) of the website where the link comes from, the better for the link-receiving website. The page rank symbolizes the value of a website in the eyes of the search engines. The higher it is, the better the ranking will be.

Link popularity means the amount of links that you get for a site. The more links, the more popular the site is. In the meantime, link popularity is depreciated by some search engines and replaced by domain popularity. That again means that a lot of links from different domains are received. Domain popularity is commonly higher valued than link popularity.

Doing link building is a long-lasting process. You can compare it with daily life. If you are good in something, you will get recommendations. But they won’t come all at once, but gradually. The same with link building. The page rank is developed and earned slowly. Else you will face the danger of doing link spam.

In terms of link types you can distinguish between inbound links, outbound links and reciprocal links. A reciprocal link is when website A links to website B and vice versa. As reciprocal links could be regarded as paid link, search engines may not value them as high as one-way links.

In the meantime a lot of link exchanges have developed. They focus on commercial link building to increase inbound links but to avoid reciprocal links. However, some search engines are also clever enough to detect these networks. In my opinion, link networks are a risky bet.

Other ways to do link building is get natural link juice or link bait. These terms mean that your content or services are so good that other webmasters voluntarily like to link to your website. This could be free software or services, reports, downloads, whatever is useful.

Besides the link itself, the link text is very important. Coming back to the daily life example from above: when you get personal recommendations like “Mr. xx is good” it doesn’t help too much. A recommendation like “Mr. xx is good in maths and physics” is much more helpful. The same for link building. The more ‘speaking’ a link is, the better.

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