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VC for Social Networking Sites in China: Online Dating prevails

Published on August 24, 2007 by in business

ChinaVenture gives a summary of the venture capital investments from 2003 to 2006. The following table is translated and I added some information:

venture capital investments in chinese social networks

There is a clear focus on online dating communities. Why? Social life changes rapidly in China. Especially young people move to the cities in order to study or find a adequate job. They are often well educated, earn good money and are familiar with technology. But often they don’t know anybody at their new location, have no familiy, no friends. On the one hand there is no time for “regular” partner search, on the other hand there is family pressure to present a partner . On the search for Mr. or Mrs. Right they growingly rely on online dating portals and are also willing to pay for the service. This is a good basis for a solid business case.

The Internet dating and “friend-making” industry in China is forecast to be a $80 million industry by next year with a yearly growth rate of 60, according to Shanghai-based iResearch.

Last year the iDate conference was held in Beijing with speakers of all major online dating portals. The next meeting for the Far East / Asian market will be held in Tokyo in May 2008.

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  4. Xyooj

    so how do you invest in these sites?
    so many people, yet love so hard to find

  5. Joe Griffith

    That is so true online dating is booming

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